Psychology of Humor
Janet M. Gibson, Ph.D.

International Society of Humor Studies

Humor: International Journal of Humor Research
European Journal of of Humor (open access)
The Primer of Humor Research

Articles from The Conversation

Humor as a character strength by Janet Gibson
Laughing is good for your mind and body--here's what the research shows by Janet Gibson
How the brain distinquishes real and fake laughter by Carolyn McGettigan
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Psychology behind the unfunny consequences of jokes that denigrate by Thomas Ford
U.S. politics and humor by Simon Doubleday
Why fart jokes never get old by James Spiegel
Why women comedians are not on lte night TV by Gina Barreca
On children's toilet humor by Justin Williams
The dark side of laughter by Lynne Barker

Article on the muffin joke
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Humor in therapy by Kathleen Smith APS article on science of humor by Alexendra Michel April 2017
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Psychology of Humor including a blog (Piotr Pluta, administrator) on facebook
Psychology and society
Review of Martin's Psychology of Humor textbook

What's so Funny? Exploring Humor Calvin College
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