PSY 113 Introduction to Psychology Class Page
Janet M. Gibson, Ph.D.
Grinnell College

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APA Writing Style Help: APA references | Purdue's online APA style guide | APA manual | sample papers 2

Online Statistics Manual: Hyperstat by David Lane

Today in the history of psychology | The Psychology Museum | Mind

APA resources for minority students | Preprofessional Experience Guide |

Links to topics connected to class

From Chapter 1: The bystander effect demonstrated | history | Ask Marilyn | How to conduct research

From Chapter 2: Sleep benefits attention | Matthew Walker sleep site | face blindness story

Chapter 4: What happened to Little Albert? | Info on Watson and his career

Chapter 5: H.M on NPR (February, 2007)

Chapter 7: Gender roles video (girls and engineering) | Social withdrawal in Japan (hikikomori)

Chapter 9: Cognitive dissonance explained as the Monty Hall problem | Commentary on Burger's replication of Milgram's studies

Chapter 10 Myths about mental illness

Psychology and Law (NY Times)

Chronicle article on Need for Peer Review and the Happiness Ratio

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